MHS History

Monther H. Sawan (MHS), are consultant architects, interior designers and engineers based in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A design & build architecture firm.

MHS Consultant Architects firm was established in 1979.

In the period of 40 years of practice, the company has worked on many projects in the public and private sector including govenrmental, urban, industrial, commercial, educational, and residential projects including highrise buildings.

MHS has gained an excellent reputation and an outstanding position in the field of architecture through its superior designing and execution of projects.

MHS employs a team of highly qualified and motivated architects and engineers; we believe that communication with the client is of utmost importance, using the most advanced technologies to deliver design ideas from the form of a work of art to a reality.

Vision & Mission

Architecture is an art as well as a science; it is both a mirror of the development of society and its love for beauty and creation. It is undoubtedly that the development of Saudi Arabia has influenced its people working in the field of architecture towards constructive and healthy competition.

One of the reasons that has led to the success of this firm is the motto, “Good architecture is the outcome of basing design on innovative technology, experience and knowledge while preserving our distinguished Islamic art and tradition”